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Golden Retriever Puppies and Their Forever Homes! Meet Roger; formerly Mr. Green!

Here I am, just a newborn baby! 
IMG_4272 (002)
Here I am taking a nap with my sister Luna.
Here I am with the rest of the gang! See me with my lucky color green collar!
IMG_4342 (002)
Here I am getting weighed!
IMG_4343 (002)
Little Roger tips the scales at two pounds eight ounces and naps at two weeks of age!
Playing under the flower cart!  Fun outdoors!
Roger ready for his tennis match.
Getting a cuddle!  I never beg for attention, but I love being held and petted!  I’m calm and cool and a big cuddle bug at heart!
I got to spend time with my mama Lilly all by myself!  I love her and she loves me!  We wrestled and played together in the shade!  She is happy about my new home and she knows I am going to have a great life!  She knows that she will miss me!
I am Roger, 12.8 pounds of total cuteness!  My new parents are going to love me!  We are going to the beach and after that watch Netflix together! I also get to help my Dad at work!  He’s already got big plans for me!   I’m expecting major belly rubs in my future!  Look out South Carolina, here I come!
They’re here and I love them already!  I remember my mom when she came to visit!  I’ve already got an aunt and grandparents here to greet me!  I am so excited that I have found my Forever Family!  I love you already Mom and Dad!  We’re going to have so much fun!!
I was a good traveler on the way to my new home!
Look at me!  I’m home!!!  I love my new collar and home!  Can’t wait to meet me new kitty family too!  Aren’t I handsome!!!

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