Puppy Questionnaire


Dear Potential English Golden Retriever Owner,

Thank you for contacting the breeders at Moonlit Meadows of the South Kennel and especially for your interest in possibly adding a precious Golden Retriever to your family .

Please read this questionnaire and complete it honestly and fully.

Please place “N/A” if the question does not apply to you so the breeders will at least know you read the question

The goal of the breeders at Moonlit Meadows of the South is to place their puppies where they will be provided appropriate veterinarian care, proper socialization, be happy, and most importantly – BE LOVED!  We also wish for you to be happy with your (potential) puppy.   When you purchase an English Golden Retriever from our kennel, please know you will become a member of the Moonlit Meadows of the South family.

We will stay in contact with you and will always be available to you to answer your questions and address any concerns you have with raising your precious golden.  We look forward to receiving progress notes from obedience classes, agility, or any fun activities you will share with us.

The occurrence of litters; shade color of coat, or size of puppy into adulthood are completely unpredictable events. The pair which have been bred for this litter both have light golden coats and are of standard height and weight.  They have many beautiful goldens in their pedigrees, however we cannot promise a certain look, size, or color.

We do have the right to be choosy in which families are a good fit for our puppies.  We hope you will also question us as well.

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire.  We will be back in touch with you after we have had time to view and reflect on your questionnaire.


Moonlit Meadows of the South