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Golden Retriever Puppies and Their Forever Homes! Meet Tony; formerly Mr. Blue!

IMG_4270 (002)
Here I am a tiny little newborn pup!  Aren’t I cute!
Here I am snuggling with my pack!
Getting a little playtime in the morning!  One of my favorite toys!  I’m always being picked up, played with, and held!
Here I am!  Look at me!  I’m so fast!!!!
Here I am at five weeks old!  My new family just chose me!  They can’t wait until I am old enough to leave the nest!  They brought me a collar with my name on it….TONY!  I’m getting super excited now!  I’m gonna have a big sister to play with!!! Yay!  And I’ve got teenagers!  Fun!!!


I love to explore!  Here I am in a tiny space!
Here is my mama Lilly playing with me all by myself!  She knows I’m leaving but she’s very happy for me!  I cannot wait to see my new family again!  They are coming to pick me up today!!  She says I’m cute and smart and she’s really proud that I already know my name and can walk on a leash!
They’re here!  My family is back!  I knew they were coming!  I am so excited at how much fun I will have!  We’re going to take lots of walks and I’m going to have a big sister to play with all the time!  I wonder if they notice how much growing I’ve done since they saw me last.
It’s time for me to go!  I love my mama Lilly and she loves me!  She will miss me but she knows that I am going to have a great life with my new Forever Family!  Hoorah!!!  Aren’t I the cutest!

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