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Golden Retriever Puppies and Their Forever Homes! Meet Annabelle, formerly Miss Purple!

IMG_4313 (002)
Here  I am with my sister, Miss Orange.  I’m a cutie pie!  My sissie and I love to sleep close to each other!  It’s much warmer and cozier that way!
Here’s another snapshot of me sleeping with my sister, Miss Gray, now called Luna.
I’m just sitting here playing with the water dish.  Good thing my new mom already bought me a pool.  I just can’t stay out of the water!
Here I am at my first vet visit.  Aren’t I beautiful!
Here  am being held by my grandma.  Rockdale Animal Hospital is great!  They love me already!!
I’m going to my new home today!  My mama sent me off with a big kiss!  I’m going to love my new family!  I remembered them.  I picked them out when they came in early June!  They have been waiting and waiting to come and pick me up!  There was a rainbow over my house when they were on their way!  Bye Mama Lilly!
Here I am with my new family!  My name is Annabelle and I ‘m going to have a great life!  Can’t wait to play in my new garden and meet the chickens!  We’re going to have so much fun boating and riding around in the family golf cart!  I can’t wait!
Here I am on my way home and I’m already walking on a leash!  What a good girl I am!


I’m having a great time exploring.  My new mama reports that I’ve adjusted very well to my new home!  I’m loved and I know it!!

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