About Us

We are a small family-based breeder located about 20 miles East of Atlanta, GA. Our purpose for breeding is first and foremost sharing the love and joy of ownership of a happy, healthy, and beautiful golden retriever with a likewise loving family. We have gone to a lot of expense and testing in order to produce quality litters.

Our history of golden ownership

We have now owned five goldens through our lifetime. Our first Golden was a Golden Retriever, Irish Setter-mix, Pumpkin.She had a profound influence of our family as we had two members actively become involved in helping the Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta and three family members owning rescued Goldens.

Our second Golden Retriever was from a local friend’s litter. Our sons were young and named her Patch. She was a lovely girl and she was an active member of our family.

Our third Golden Retriever, Ginger, a beautiful dark red Golden, came to us from Barnesville, GA. She was the daughter of Josh’s Master Skipper and Mariley’s Fancy Clancy

In May of 2014, we purchased  Lilly Sparkling Jewel of the Moonlit Meadow SR82603607, from the dam Sugar Valleys Lilly of the Valley SR72298607 and Sire Bandi, Difiramb Iz Stolitsy Urala SR74053501 of Russia. We brought her home and were in absolute puppy heaven! We were very excited to have purchased a beautiful and health puppy and were eager to include her in all of our activities. We were strongly encouraged to seek out obedience training with our girl early in her puppyhood, which we did. We were also told on the advice of our veterinarian to socialize her into any and all of our activities, which we did!

We enrolled her in Canine Country Academy in Lawrenceville, Ga, where she earned her first certificate as AKC STAR puppy. After that she has taken additional obedience and conformation classes through Conyers Kennel Club and Lawrenceville Kennel Club. She earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate and title through her obedience class here in Conyers and has earned many show titles as well. See my page on achievements for more details and pictures.

We now have Gemma Sparkling Sapphire of the Moonlit Meadow, Junior International and National Champion to add to our breeding program. She is a first generation puppy from the litter of Lilly Sparkling Jewel of the Moonlit Meadow and Nalimana Magic Volcano “Ivan”. She earned her CGC title at the age of 7 months old and actively competes in AKC and UKC rally. She is also shown in conformation. Gemma is a healthy girl and has completed all testing required by the GRCA. You can view this date on her K9 Data page. All certificates/ clearances are listed online through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

Why breed our golden girls?

We have been extensively involved with our golden girls in the areas of fun, training, and showing. We have been very concerned with the overall health of our girls since the day we purchased and have built a caring relationship with our veterinary hospital Rockdale Animal Hospital. All of our experiences have led us to follow best practices in meticulous care for our pets.

Time was spent researching Golden Retriever studies looking for ways to give our dogs the best possible nutrition. We were careful to feed our dogs a balanced, salmon-based diet with fish oil for extra vitamins and nutrients throughout their young lives. They receive healthy snacks such as organic carrots, sliced apples, high antioxidant-rich foods such as blueberries, red peppers, filtered water, etc. and treats made with care in the USA.

We have strived to measure food in order to keep our dogs lean, and to have a healthier, longer lives.

Our dogs gets frequent weight checks to make sure they are kept in-check and at optimal weights.

Our dogs are kept clean,well-groomed, given all required vaccinations, heart worm treatment, insect protection as necessary for good health and well-being. Our dogs receive lots of time and attention daily!

In addition to a healthy diet and good medical care, we have been careful to provide plenty of exercise. Our dogs are walked one to two/and one/half miles consistently and also have a nice sized country yard of 4.5 acres on which to roam.

As we explored all of the activities available to owners through membership in United Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, and C.S.I, we have met many outstanding breeders and their beautiful dogs as well. This relationship and the overall favorable critiques Lilly and Gemma have received through the judging process encouraged us to seek out breedings to an outstanding male.

In addition, health and wellness check-ups through our veterinarian’s office with report cards of A+ helped us decide to begin a breeding program for healthy and sound litters of golden retriever pups.

View Lilly’s Canine Data Page Here.

Int. and Natl. Jr. Ch. Gemma Sparkling Sapphire of the Moonlit Meadows, CGC, RN Gemma Sparkling Sapphire of the Moonlit Meadow is now two years old and has already actively competed in shows for both conformation and rally obedience. She has received all health clearances and they are all posted on the OFA website. You can view them on her K9 Data link. View Gemma’s page to find out more about her.😀

To View Gemma’s Health Clearances via K9 Data click here

We do not own many dogs and embellish lots of attention on each litter in order to provide early  stimulation, proper socialization, and to produce an outstanding, healthy litter. We have the space here at our home for supervised outdoor exploration and exercise for each young litter as well.

We do not have a crowded kennel of dogs but strive to produce a litter of beautiful limited AKC registered Golden Retriever puppies as pets for certain, specially chosen families.

We are seeking select, conscientious, individuals who plan to spend lots of time with their new family member.

Companionship, time, commitment to well-being, health, and social needs are a must!

If you are interested in this limited opportunity, please complete the Puppy Questionaire. We will contact you if you meet the criteria for the type of owners we seek. If you have questions, please see our F.A.Q. page. Thank you for visiting our page.