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Golden Retriever Puppies and Their Forever Homes! Meet Lexi, formerly Miss Yellow!

I was a cutie from the moment I was born. I always loved to lay on my side to nurse!


IMG_4298 (002)
I always loved being the center of attention!
Miss Yellow 9
Miss Yellow takes a break from chasing her littermates.
I discovered a quick way to cool off!
I can do a really pretty stance!  I could be a showgirl!
I’ve been a favorite of many!
My Mom and I had some snuggle time together the morning I was leaving for my new family. I love my mom and she loves me!
I’m sitting with my forever family!  I went right up to my new dad and wagged my tail.  I’ve got my new mom and I remember her from her visit!  I’m going to have a blast with my new Havanese sister!  I’m going to have a great life!  I can’t wait to visit the lake and swim with all my new friends!
Here I am meeting all of the family members!  Here are the grandchildren who will be playing with me a lot!  I’m ready to play!
I feel loved!!!!!  Yay!!  More grandchildren to play with!  I am going to be a busy girl!

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