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Golden Retriever Puppies and Their Forever Families! Meet Theo of the Moonlit Meadow! Puppy Pick Up Day!

IMG_4162 (002)
Theo snuggles with his mom!
Newborn Theo, Baby Light Blue!
Theo at seven weeks old.
Theo held by his good friend Suzannah!
Theo dreaming while at the vet’s office.
Theo held by my cousin April who came to help faithfully each week!


Theo meets his new Mom and gets kisses from Lilly
I have my new mom and forever family!  I’m getting a big brother!!
Theo gets ready to fly to his new home!  He was an angel on the flight and was already walking on a leash at the airport!  Good boy Theo!
My new home!!!!
I’m already chasing my big brother Campen around my new yard!
My big brother and I have a bond!  We’re already napping together on the first day in my new home!
This is me, Theo, with my new mom Molly!  We’re gonna have a great time together!  My mama plans to take me kayaking when I get bigger!  Cannot wait!

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