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Puppy Nutrition and Good Article

I am often asked what food is recommended for our puppies.  I have been a fan of Taste of the Wild Salmon Based food as I have seen the immediate gains in energy in my adult golden retriever.  We tried many foods at first when we brought Lilly home, but could not seem to find just the right fit until we tried the TOTW salmon.  I did a bit of research before choosing that brand.   We’ve had no skin issues or allergy issues with this food.  Also, Lilly immediately had more energy when we switched to this diet as a young adult dog.  All of Lilly’s pups were fed this diet and did very well on it.

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Puppy Dry Dog Food. 5 lb. Bag Smoked Salmon. Grain Free Dog Food!!!

I also asked my veterinarian who specializes in goldens, what she thought of this food since there has been some bad publicity about “grain-free” foods.  She looked at the ingredients list and noted that peas and legumes were not the primary ingredients.  She was in favor of the food.   We carefully monitored the puppies weight  and all gained normally on this food and had normal stools.  I do recommend this food, but your puppy’s diet is your choice.  I do caution you to make any dietary changes slowly and with your vet’s help.  Stomach upset is common in puppies when new foods are introduced, this includes treats.

I am going to attach a link to a nice article from AKC on puppy diets, however remember that these articles have sponsors from major food brands.  ARTICLE here.

At this time, Gemma is six months old, 45 pounds,  and is currently eating three meals a day.  The total amount daily she receives is TOTW Salmon based Puppy recipe,  3 1/4 cups.   I use a slow feeder dish because she eats too fast and it helps slow her down.  It was recommended by our vet.


I choose the following items as treats for Gemma for training class:  Fruitables,  Newman’s Own, Wellness Soft Puppy Bites.    I choose only USA based foods with no corn, no soy, and no wheat products as those are ingredients that can cause allergies in goldens.  I stay away from beef and liver based treats and I don’t give any treats made in China.  I limit exposure to one Brand at a time so I can monitor if there are any issues.  I have not had any issues with any of these foods.  When she is older, I will give her organic carrots, celery, and apple slices.  These are treats I give Lilly often as they don’t cause weight gain and are good antioxidants.


I also give both Lilly and Gemma filtered water.  I hope this is helpful to my puppy owners.  I buy the filters which remove lead.

Classic 18-Cup Dispenser

Keep me posted on your puppy’s health and progress.  I care about all of these puppies and will always be available to help you through any issues.  I also have no problem consulting with professionals to get answers to questions, as well.

Roger as a baby!

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