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Golden Retriever Puppies and Their Forever Homes. Meet Ranger; formerly Mr. Black

IMG_4149 (002)
Here I am, just a newborn baby.  Can you spot me with my black collar?  I was one of the biggest babies and weighed over a pound at birth.  I was also the first puppy born!  My birthday is April 25, 2018!
Here I am with my brothers and sisters taking a little nap!  I will be one week old tomorrow!
In two days, I will be two weeks old!  Look how much I’ve grown!


Here I am on May 15, in one more day, I will be three weeks old.  Can you find me?  I like to stretch out when I nurse!

33817049_2480715411954667_6488594711123591168_nMy new Dad took this picture of my brothers and sisters.  We couldn’t get all eight of us in the photo because we are busy bees! We are four weeks old!

Here I am playing hide and seek in the yard!  Six weeks old.
Mr. Black nap on grass
Here I am asleep in the grass!  My new Mom had been coming over to play with us, and she knew that I was her favorite!  I’m just dreaming about all the fun I will have when my new parents come and pick me up!  We are going to have fun, fun fun!!!!!  I am six weeks old!
Here I am with my new Mom at six weeks old.  I was her favorite and she loved to hold me!
Here I am at my first vet visit.  My new Mom is there helping hold onto all of us crazy puppies!  I’m the one on the left in Amber’s arms.  Everyone thinks I am so cute!  I have a big hairdo and I’m a fluff puff!  Just call me Elvis!  Hee Hee! 8 weeks old
Here I am at ten weeks old!  Aren’t I the darling one?  I’ve enjoyed playing in the garden!  It feels like a great big jungle to me!
I’m a real cutie pie and I love playing outdoors!  10 weeks
I already know how to sit and down when told!  I’m a good student!  My new parents will be so proud!
Here I am on the Fourth of July!  I’m on the left with Luna in the middle, and Gemma on the right.  I’ve had fun playing with my sissies all morning!
First car trip!  We went all the way to Blue Ridge and I was very good in the car and at the mountain house!  I made new friends today:  Mia and Jax!!!
Here I am being very good at Dr. Ray Crain’s office.  I’m getting my second check up and shots!  I’m a very good patient!  12 weeks old
Here I am playing in the yard.  I’m almost 14 weeks old!  Everyone thinks I am adorable!  I have a fan club!
I’m 15 weeks old this week!  I can’t wait for my new parents to come see how much I have grown!  I’m a quick learner and I already can follow commands and I listen very well to my teacher!  I also love to chew!
My new mom is picking me up today!  I am so excited!  Here I am with my new big sister Tilly and my new Mom!  I cannot wait to see my new Dad again!  He will love me!  I think he already does!  I’m gonna have a great life with my new family!  My new Mom has been getting everything ready for me so I will have a safe house and yard!  She loves me!!!!
I’m in my new home and here I am with my new Dad!  We have a deck to play on and my new Dad and sister Tilly love me!!!
I love my new home!  They have twigs here, too!  I’m now thirty pounds of cuteness!
Here I am with my toys in my new home!  I’ve got lots more family now!  Joe loves me and Barry will meet me soon!  I also have grandparents coming to see me!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!  I love my new family!!!!  I’m gonna have a great life!


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