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English Golden Retriever Puppies are the CUTEST!

May 15th and we are one day shy of three weeks old in the photo.

We are three weeks old this week!  Happy birthday to us!  Happy birthday to us!  We are getting bigger; two of us just reached the four pound beauty weight!  We are running around on all fours and we all smell Mama coming so we can swarm her when she enters our box!  We are beginning to play and we mouth each other a lot!  If one of us doesn’t want to play, we sit on that puppy and nibble on her ears until she takes notice.  We are taking long naps, but also stay awake and are now curious about the outside world.  Our biggest brother climbed out of the box today so Granddad had to remove the “pig rails” so we can’t climb out!

This picture was taken on May 3 when we were one week old. My, how we have grown!

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