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Post a cute picture of your pet!


It’s amazing how much a pet adds to our daily lives.  I know that Lilly, our Golden Retriever girl,  is definitely a big part of our lives.  She camps, swims, floats on a raft, goes for walks, lays with her head on my lap when she or I need a snuggle, and provides company!  You will never be lonely when you own a Golden Retriever or other breed of dog!

I remember when my golden retriever Ginger passed away at the age of 12.  I was devastated.   Once we decided that we really missed the joys of having a dog constantly at our side, we jumped right in and went on a search for the perfect Golden.  As a matter of fact, Chris, our son, helped search!

We went and visited several breeders before we decided on our current Golden Retriever.  We purchased her on Memorial Day weekend and within a week of picking her up, took her on her first camping trip to Lake Lanier.  While there, she was invited to meet our friends who lived nearby!  We even had to commute to her Puppy 101 class from camping!  She learned to swim and ride on a raft.  She learned to take boat rides and have fun with her newfound dog friends!  She kept us very amused!

Do you have a photo you will share of your pet?  What are some of the joys of pet ownership?  What is your pet’s name and how long have you had it?  What do you enjoy most about your pet?  Post your short stories and photos here!

Here’s a photo of Lilly on one of our many camping trips to Florida!



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