Exercise for your Golden Retriever



Do you enjoy exercise? I know I do.  One of the best parts of my day is walking my golden retriever through the neighborhood.  On most days, we can cover at least two and one half miles to a mile on busier days.  On weekends, you can find us walking the monastery trail, the Arabia Mountain trails, or walking through the woods in Newton County.

Since my golden retriever is pregnant and has only one and a half weeks left until her puppies are due, I am giving smaller amounts of exercise based on the advice of my veterinarian.  She still needs to keep her abdominal and other muscles fit for her upcoming whelping day.  Also, I am sure she will want to get back to her activity level after she finishes weaning her pups.

Paying attention to her energy level, the distance to cover, her overall attitude, plus the temperature of the day is of the utmost importance.  Today, we covered a mile but I did notice that she was seeking out shade earlier , even though the temp was in the sixties.  This week, we will be walking shorter distances and at cooler temperatures!

I found a good article on exercising your dog which I will post here.  What do you enjoy doing with your dog for exercise?  Would love to blog with you!


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