Meet Roger! I’m Roger Fetcherer and I’m named for a famous tennis star!

Happy Birthday to me!

Meet Roger! My parents say that I am the sweetest, most go-with-the-flow pup they could have ever asked for! They love how sweet and playful I am! They think my temperament gets an A+!!!

I am always meeting new people and animals, and I love them! Squirrels rank very high on my list of animals that I love, but haven’t been able to capture one of those little fellows yet……in order to make friends, of course!

I love my chunky cat brother Meeko! I loved him from the moment I met him! I enjoy “bathing” Meeko and I love to trick him into running out in the yard with me! Zazu is my other cat brother, but he’s just not that into me!

I love my dad, Daniel! I love my Dad’s morning routine with me! First, we visit all our neighbor dog friends and take the time to say “hello” to Scooby and Noodles! Then I go to work with my dad at Holy City Tennis Shop in Charleston where I help out in the dressing room by playing my “hide the shoes from the customer” game. That’s okay! They love it!

I’ve been nominated as Employee of the Month due to my greeting skills! I’m pretty famous at my shopping center and I have lots of visitors that come to me for my cheering up skills! I’m a great coach! I have a lot of dog friends that drop in, too!

At the end of my work day, I watch out the window eagerly for my mom Tierney to come pick me up! We enjoy our afternoon cuddles time!

I had my first visit to the beach in September! At first, I was afraid but NOW, can’t get enough of those waves! And…………. gotta love those seagulls and kites! Fascinating! My mom says I need to stop drinking the salt water, though! And, I’m not too crazy about getting a bath when we get home!

I’ve been to a doggy park to meet one of my golden friends, …..but my mama had to rescue me from being accosted by a chihuahua! She’s a real mama bear about my play dates! I love her!

I love small dogs, especially yorkies and mini doodles! They’re like little toy friends! I enjoy catching bugs with my paws! I can excavate any root found in our backyard and I can dig a nice hole and cool off in the dirt! Uh oh! That means more baths!

I do own a large portion of our couch! I know how to inch my 80 pounds into the smallest of spaces in order to move my humans if they forget who owns the sofa! If I’m not busy in the yard helping out with the digging, or working at the shop, then I like a nice long nap! After a day at work, I like to relax by watching animal shows and whenever I see another doggy on a commercial, I make sure my parents know, too!

My parents say they absolutely love me! I keep them laughing every day and they appreciate my sense of humor and extreme goofiness! I have the perfect family! They love me and I love them!!!!