Meet Luna

Hi, I’m Luna and I’m 65 lb.s of PURE LOVE! I love playing in the water, splashing through the mud, and going for long walks with my sissy, Pixie. I am a true born water bug! I can’t get enough of the pool! I even have my own doggy float and stairs to the pool! Sometimes I even sleep with my paw in my water dish!

I am one baby girl who is ALWAYS up for a snuggle! I prefer to sleep on pillows because I know that I am a true princess! I know this because my mom is the QUEEN!

I’m also quite skilled at carrying my prey around, and sometimes I just watch the squirrels from the window. If I don’t feel like hunting, I stretch out and take a nap! I love my naps!

I must admit that I am a foodie girl! I love it when my parents say “puppy chow” or ” treats”! Sometimes my mom and I go out for a coffee together! When I’m having a coffee with my grown up friends, my favorite treat is a Starbucks Puppachino. When I turned one, my mommy rushed home to make me my very own birthday cake! My parents enjoy taking me out to dinner around Atlanta and they say I am very well behaved. I get lots of attention wherever I go!

I am also a bit dramatic and I am known for dressing up like butterflies, bunnies, and even a scary witch!

I have been in love with my parents since they saw me for the very first time. They didn’t even know it, but I had already picked them out! I stole their hearts! I love them and they love me!